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About Kids Freeze Dance

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Jay on the Drums / Jay Schwertfeger

What is Kids Freeze Dance?

Kids Freeze Dance is a streaming service for teachers and parents that features content themed educational videos mixed with purposeful movement. Each video features Jay on the Drums and emphasizes content spanning Kindergarten through Third Grade, while focusing on Math and Literacy concepts.


Why is movement important to learning? One main reason is that it increases brain development and neuron connections. It has also been observed to help access different areas of the brain for learning all while fostering connection with others and emotional regulation. This has been referred to as Purposeful Movement.


For the modern teacher, using a streaming service in their classroom has become commonplace. Kids Freeze Dance does not require a sign up fee and you can go for as long or as short as you’d like. Videos are added weekly and span many themes throughout the year such Fall, Halloween, Winter, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's, Day, Easter, Earth Day and Cinco de Mayo.


Kids Freeze Dance is perfect for public school teachers or homeschooling families. Learning should be fun and interactive and Jay on the Drums is committed to helping this become a reality for all children. 

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Video Styles

About the creator

With a passion for education and a rhythmic heart, Jay Schwertfeger has spent 15 passionate years as an elementary school teacher, leaving an indelible mark on countless young minds. Beyond the classroom, Jay is an accomplished drummer who has seamlessly woven the joy of music and fitness into the world of education, shaping the future through the power of purposeful movement and learning.

As the creative force behind "Kids Freeze Dance," Jay has ingeniously combined purposeful movement with the art of teaching, creating a platform that not only teaches children important lessons but also instills in them the invaluable concept of a growth mindset. By fusing fitness, learning, and a vibrant positive attitude, Jay on the Drums has redefined the way education can be delivered, proving that learning isn't confined to textbooks but can come alive through interactive experiences.

Fueled by the belief that education should be a fun and interactive journey, Jay has embarked on a mission to inspire children globally. Through captivating videos that reach young hearts around the world, Jay nurtures a love for learning while encouraging children to embrace challenges and believe in their limitless potential. These videos not only promote physical activity but also champion the idea that every hurdle is an opportunity for growth.

Beyond the classroom walls, Jay aspires to be more than an educator. With a heart set on becoming a role model for children, Jay aims to empower them to blossom into strong, resilient adults. The harmonious blend of music, movement, and fitness guides Jay's journey, leaving an indelible legacy of positivity and growth.

In a world where children's dreams are shaped by their experiences, Jay on the Drums stands as a shining example of how one person's dedication and creativity can leave an enduring impact on generations to come. Through the rhythm of the drums and the warmth of genuine care, Jay continues to inspire young minds to reach for the stars, fostering a brighter future for us all.

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By incorporating movement, students are more engaged and able to better absorb information.

Kids Freeze Dance offers an interactive way for children to learn.

Purposeful movement within a lesson will make learning feel less like a chore and more like a fun activity.


Kealah Parkinson - Homeschooling Mother

"By incorporating movement into lessons, students are more engaged and able to better absorb information."

Melissa Arnost - Special Education Teacher and Author of, "Empowering Inclusion."

"My students really loved the rhythmic movement of Jay as he beats on the drum according to whatever content area they are learning!"

Jody Wells - 3rd Grade Teacher

"I've never been one for those gimmicky, dancing type things, but I really this! My kids love it and it's not just them "wiggling," it's them learning."

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Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is the belief that abilities and intelligence can be developed through effort and learning. It is opposed to a fixed mindset, which holds that abilities and intelligence are set and cannot be changed.


The importance of a growth mindset in the classroom is that it can lead to increased motivation, effort, and achievement for students. When students believe that they can improve, they are more likely to put in the effort to do so, and to persevere in the face of challenges. Additionally, a growth mindset can help students to be more resilient in the face of failure, and to see mistakes as opportunities for learning.

Jay's core messages are listed below and will appear during the videos!

Kids Freeze Dance Growth Mindset

Are you ready to make learning fun?

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