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What is Desk Drumming?

Welcome, educators and homeschooling parents, to a world where learning meets rhythm, where movement sparks creativity, and where desk drumming transforms into an educational adventure! Today, we're diving into the exciting realm of "Desk Drumming" - a series of videos by Kids Freeze Dance designed to captivate young minds and inspire them to groove while they grow.

Unlocking Creativity: The colorful universe of "Desk Drumming," creativity knows no bounds! As children follow along with the mesmerizing patterns displayed on screen, they're not just drumming on their desk; they're composing their own symphonies of imagination. With each blue circle signaling a desk pound, orange circle a clap, and white circle a desk slap, children not only follow the beat but at the end - also have the chance to interpret the colors in their own unique way. Who knows what fantastic stories and ideas will emerge from their creative minds?

Pattern Recognition Power: Prepare to witness the magic of pattern recognition in action! As children engage with the rhythmic patterns presented in the "Desk Drumming" videos, they're sharpening their cognitive skills with every beat. From identifying sequences to anticipating the next move, these videos lay the foundation for strong pattern recognition abilities that extend far beyond the realm of desk drumming. Watch as your students or children effortlessly apply these newfound skills to math problems, literacy skills, and beyond!

Kids using desk drumming to learn

Coordination Champions: Through the power of desk drumming, children embark on a journey of motor skill mastery. With each pound, clap and slap, they're refining their hand-eye coordination, fine-tuning their motor skills, and syncing their movements with precision. And the best part? They're having a blast while doing it! As educators and parents, you'll be amazed at the progress your children make as they groove to the rhythm of "Desk Drumming."

Integration Ideas: Looking for creative ways to incorporate desk drumming into your classroom or homeschool curriculum? The possibilities are endless! Consider starting each day with a desk drumming session to energize and focus your students. Or integrate desk drumming into your Math, Literacy and Music lessons to explore rhythm and beat in a fun and interactive way. You can even use desk drumming as a brain break activity between lessons to keep children engaged and motivated. With "Desk Drumming," learning never misses a beat!

Join the Fun: Ready to join the desk drumming revolution? Click HERE to join now and explore the "Desk Drumming" series today! Whether you're a teacher looking to add a new dimension to your classroom or a homeschooling parent seeking engaging educational resources, you'll find endless inspiration in these rhythmic adventures. So, get ready to drum, and delight in the magic of "Desk Drumming."

Themes for all times of the year!

As educators and parents, we're always searching for innovative ways to inspire and engage our children. With "Desk Drumming," we've found a rhythm-infused treasure trove of creativity, coordination, and learning. So, let's drum our way to academic success and watch our children shine as they march to the beat of their own desks. The adventure awaits - let's make some music!

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