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What is the best way to engage your students?

Just add movement!

Kids Freeze Dance is a streaming service for teachers and parents that features content themed educational videos mixed with purposeful movement!


Each video features Jay on the Drums and emphasizes different content spanning Kindergarten through Third Grade while focusing on Math and Literacy concepts.

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Video Count: 906

Last Upload: 12/3/22

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Did you know?

Movement increases brain development and neuron connections. It has also been observed to help access different areas of the brain for learning all while fostering connection with others and emotional regulation.

Why mix learning with physical activity?

“Physical activity reduces stress and anxiety. The dopamine released increases children's capacities to control attention and store long term memories.”


- Willis 2008

Did you know?

Multi sensory stimulation causes the brain to grow connections across the sections. More connections means faster thinking.

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