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Congrats to Kaia for winning the May 2024 Desk Drumming Contest!

Kaia's use of whistling won me over and demonstrated some unique creativity. Congrats to Kaia and buy something fun with your $100! Next contest will be around the end of August as school is back in session.



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How will you engage your students?

Kids Freeze Dance.png

As an elementary school teacher, grappling with the challenge of losing your students' focus right in the midst of a lesson stands as one of the most daunting hurdles.

Considering the limited attention spans that children often exhibit, taking proactive measures to keep them enthralled becomes an essential strategy.

This is where the magic of Kids Freeze Dance comes into play—a trusted resource that teachers can harness to inject a dose of interactive amusement into lessons, all while ensuring valuable learning takes center stage.


Kealah Parkinson - Homeschooling Mother

"By incorporating movement into lessons, students are more engaged and able to better absorb information."

Melissa Arnost - Special Education Teacher and Author of, "Empowering Inclusion."

"My students really loved the rhythmic movement of Jay as he beats on the drum according to whatever content area they are learning!"

Jody Wells - 3rd Grade Teacher

"I've never been one for those gimmicky, dancing type things, but I really this! My kids love it and it's not just them "wiggling," it's them learning."

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Are you ready to make learning fun?

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