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Ed. Talk Podcast with Kids Freeze Dance

What is the Ed. Talk Podcast?

Anything and Everything about Education. A quick and easy listen for when you are driving or working on a task. About the host: Tamyra is a former educator with over 25 years of experience in education in the United States and Europe. With experience working with students from 11 months to 91 years, she has been in the classroom teaching, a principal, at the district level and other educational management roles. She addresses and gives insight to current educational topics and interviews educators from all over the world.

What is this Podcast about?

In this podcast I speak with Jay, the owner of

We discuss how he utilizes Kids Freeze Dance as a part of instruction in his classroom and how other teachers and parent can also utilize it. It is more than a brain break, it is purposeful movement designed to allow students to learn through variety. It helps them engage in their learning and to become part of their classroom community. Everyone gets to enjoy the rhythm in this episode of Ed. Talk!


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