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The Homeschool Advantage Podcast with Kids Freeze Dance

What is The Homeschool Advantage Podcast?

Welcome to the Homeschool advantage, an interview based podcast that connects homeschoolers to vendors, curriculum content creators, coops and more. My name is Bex Buzzie and I am a teacher, coach and educational course content creator from San Diego, California.

The homeschool advantage is here to give you the leg up in a world that is slightly upside down by connecting parents who want to homeschool, parent who have been homeschooling, teachers who are looking for an edge or new material to some of the top academy's, microschools, co-ops and vendors, subscribe to the Homeschool Advantage.

What is Kids Freeze Dance and who is Jay on the Drums?

Jay on the Drums is a 3rd grade teacher and he has created and multi-entry subscription based website with content themed freeze dance videos for all subjects K-3! The best way to engage your students and kids is through Freeze Dance!

Jay on the Drums teaches math lessons by adding a movement based review or brain break! He teaches kids about money through freeze dance and he says when they are allowed to move as they practice counting coins the effectiveness doubles! He also has grammar CVC words and geometry!! A place where you can safely allow your kids to watch videos without numbing them but invigorating them with learning with Jay on the Drums! FREEZE! Now go!! 😊🥁

Top 3 Takeaways

1) Kids need to move! You can input anything you want your kids to learn into freeze dance. You are just adding movement.

2) You can do what you love, even if the things you love to do seem worlds apart! Homeschoolers and those wanting to homeschool, you can do it!

3) You have your own unique you, and only you, can do what only you can do!!

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