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Jam with Confidence Podcast with Kids Freeze Dance

Jay on the Drums' journey into teaching wasn't a linear path. He had multiple passions - dancing, movement, music, yoga, drumming, teaching which ultimately led him into starting his own subscription streaming service called Kids Freeze Dance - His goal here is to make learning fun for other teachers and students through purposeful movement and music.

This episode is focused on how your passions are so important when it comes to starting your own business. We believe this is one of the foundational pieces to creating a successful and aligned business for yourself and your clients.

What is the best way to engage your students?

Just add purposeful movement! ​ Kids Freeze Dance™ is a streaming service for teachers and parents that features content themed educational videos mixed with purposeful movement! Each video features Jay on the Drums and emphasizes different content spanning Kindergarten through Third Grade while focusing on Math and Literacy concepts.

Consider using to add movement to your daily lessons.


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