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What to do on the 100th Day of School?

The 100th day of school is often celebrated as a milestone for students and teachers. It is a way to mark the progress that has been made and to recognize the hard work and dedication of both students and teachers. It is also an opportunity to engage in fun, interactive activities and projects that involve counting and learning about the number 100. Additionally, it is a way to build a sense of community and celebrate the end of the first quarter of the school year.

Consider using to add movement to your daily lessons.

List 100 activities to do for the 100th day of Elementary School in the classroom.

1. Create a "100 Days Smarter" crown or hat

2. Make a "100" themed craft

3. Have a "100th Day" parade

4. Write a letter to future selves, to be opened on the 200th day of school

5. Create a "100" themed word search

6. Have a "100th Day" scavenger hunt

7. Make "100" themed snacks

8. Create a "100" themed mural

9. Have a "100th Day" dance party

10. Play "100" themed games

11. Make a "100" themed collage

12. Have a "100th Day" photo booth

13. Create a "100" themed crossword puzzle

14. Make "100" themed treats

15. Create a "100" themed board game

16. Have a "100th Day" sing-along

17. Make a "100" themed necklace or bracelet

18. Create a "100" themed jigsaw puzzle

19. Have a "100th Day" storytelling session

20. Play a "100" themed math game

21. Make a "100" themed book

22. Create a "100" themed maze

23. Have a "100th Day" talent show

24. Make a "100" themed origami

25. Create a "100" themed memory game

26. Have a "100th Day" picnic

27. Make a "100" themed card game

28. Create a "100" themed diorama

29. Have a "100th Day" movie day

30. Play a "100" themed science experiment

31. Make a "100" themed mobile

32. Create a "100" themed poster

33. Have a "100th Day" class play

34. Make a "100" themed quilt

35. Create a "100" themed riddle

36. Have a "100th Day" art exhibit

37. Make a "100" themed sculpture

38. Create a "100" themed calendar

39. Have a "100th Day" talent exchange

40. Play a "100" themed geography game

41. Make a "100" themed mask

42. Create a "100" themed comic strip

43. Have a "100th Day" class cook-off

44. Make a "100" themed pop-up book

45. Create a "100" themed word wall

46. Have a "100th Day" read-a-thon

47. Make a "100" themed dreamcatcher

48. Create a "100" themed cross-stitch

49. Have a "100th Day" book club

50. Play a "100" themed history game

51. Make a "100" themed topiary

52. Create a "100" themed paper mache project

53. Have a "100th Day" field trip

54. Make a "100" themed kirigami

55. Create a "100" themed optical illusion

56. Have a "100th Day" spelling bee

57. Make a "100" themed sand art

58. Create a "100" themed paper doll chain

59. Have a "100th Day" potluck

60. Play a "100" themed language game

61. Make a "100" themed decoupage

62. Create a "100" themed watercolor painting

63. Have a "100th Day" poetry slam

64. Make a "100" themed paper quilling

65. Create a "100" themed stipple drawing

66. Have a "100th Day" storytelling circle

67. Count to 100 by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s

68. Create a "100" themed math problem

69. Have a "100th Day" math challenge

70. Make a "100" themed math board game

71. Create a "100" themed math scavenger hunt

72. Have a "100th Day" math relay race

73. Make a "100" themed math puzzle

74. Create a "100" themed math matching game

75. Have a "100th Day" math bingo

76. Make a "100" themed math card game

77. Create a "100" themed math worksheet

78. Have a "100th Day" math quiz

79. Make a "100" themed math mural

80. Create a "100" themed math skit

81. Have a "100th Day" math magic show

82. Make a "100" themed math riddle

83. Create a "100" themed math story problem

84. Have a "100th Day" math jeopardy

85. Make a "100" themed math word problem

86. Create a "100" themed math matching cards

87. Have a "100th Day" math treasure hunt

88. Make a "100" themed math origami

89. Create a "100" themed math coloring sheet

90. Have a "100th Day" math relay race

91. Make a "100" themed math memory game

92. Create a "100" themed math crossword puzzle

93. Have a "100th Day" math game show

94. Make a "100" themed math matching game

95. Create a "100" themed math maze

96. Have a "100th Day" math symposium

97. Make a "100" themed math diorama

98. Create a "100" themed math board game

99. Have a "100th Day" math exhibition

100. Make a "100" themed math sculpture.

How can I add movement to the 100th day of school?

  1. 100th Day Fitness Challenge: Create a fitness challenge that involves completing 100 exercises, such as jumping jacks, push-ups, or sit-ups, within a certain time frame. Students can work together to complete the challenge as a class.

  2. 100th Day Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt that involves finding 100 items, such as 100 different types of leaves or 100 different colored objects. Students can work in teams and move around the classroom or school to find the items.

  3. 100th Day Relay Race: Create a relay race that involves completing 100 tasks, such as jumping rope 100 times or running 100 laps around the playground. Teams can take turns completing the tasks.

  4. 100th Day Parade: Have students create costumes, props or signs related to the 100th day of school, and organize a parade around the school or neighborhood, with music and fun.

  5. 100th Day Dance Party: Play music and have a dance party where students have to do 100 different dance moves or exercises. You can also you Kids Freeze Dance.

  6. 100th Day Hula Hoop Challenge: Create a hula hoop challenge where students have to keep the hula hoop going for 100 spins.

  7. 100th Day Movement Bingo: Create a bingo board with movement activities, such as "hop on one foot" or "do the cha cha", and have students move around the room completing the activities as they get bingo.

These are just a few examples, but there are many different ways you can incorporate movement into the 100th day of school. The key is to make it fun, interactive and challenging for the students.

What is the best way to engage your students?

Just add purposeful movement! ​ Kids Freeze Dance™ is a streaming service for teachers and parents that features content themed educational videos mixed with purposeful movement! Each video features Jay on the Drums and emphasizes different content spanning Kindergarten through Third Grade while focusing on Math and Literacy concepts.

Consider using to add movement to your daily lessons.


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