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How Can I use Physical Movement to Increase Student Engagement?

As a teacher, one of your main goals is to increase student engagement in the classroom. One effective way to do this is by incorporating physical movement into your lessons and activities.

Physical movement has numerous benefits for student learning and overall well-being. It can improve brain function, including cognition, concentration, and memory, which are crucial skills for academic success. By incorporating movement into your lessons, you can help your students learn and retain new information more effectively.

Consider using to add movement to your daily lessons.

In addition to the cognitive benefits, movement can also increase student engagement and motivation. When students are actively engaged in physical activities, they are more likely to be motivated and interested in learning. This can help improve their academic performance, overall success in school and bring positive life long effects to their brains.

Movement can also improve behavior and attention in the classroom, particularly for students who may struggle with regulating their behavior and focus. By providing opportunities for movement, you can help these students improve their ability to concentrate and stay on task.

There are many ways that you can incorporate physical movement into your lessons and activities. Some strategies include:

Incorporate movement into academic tasks

You can make academic tasks more interactive and engaging by adding a physical element. For example, you could have students stand up and write out math problems with a whiteboard and marker, or have them act out a science experiment.

Use movement to review material

You can use movement to help students review and retain information. For example, you could create a memory game where students have to perform a specific movement for each item they are trying to remember. Using Kids Freeze Dance to help memorize Math Facts is a proven way to mix movement and learning.

Incorporate physical activity into breaks

You can use physical activity as a way to break up sedentary activities, such as homework or classwork. You could set a timer and have students do a quick burst of physical activity, such as jumping jacks or push-ups, during breaks. Brain breaks from Kids Freeze Dance can also provide a great mix of movement with content.

Use movement to practice skills

You can use movement to help students practice skills, such as following directions or problem-solving. For example, you could have students follow a series of movements to complete a task, or you could create a scavenger hunt that requires them to solve clues and complete physical challenges.

By incorporating physical movement into your lessons and activities, you can increase student engagement, motivation, and overall well-being. So don't hesitate, start adding some movement to your classroom today!

What is the best way to engage your students?

Just add purposeful movement! ​ Kids Freeze Dance™ is a streaming service for teachers and parents that features content themed educational videos mixed with purposeful movement! Each video features Jay on the Drums and emphasizes different content spanning Kindergarten through Third Grade while focusing on Math and Literacy concepts.

Consider using to add movement to your daily lessons.


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